Kahilu Theatre Masquerade 2014

Goals for the shoot:

1. Party-goers have fun. 2. Subjects look terrific. 3. Flexible posing; personality-shows. 4. Get great shots.

Here’s a sampling of the shots and a couple of images of the set, “behind-the-scenes” views. See how the subjects were able to try out fun poses. I show some “sets” to give you a sense of the flow and flexibility. People were just having a great time!

I give lots of ideas to folks; after all, they are not professional models, so I work to make it fun. Their creativity blossoms, and they come up with good ideas, too. I love seeing people be themselves, their more unguarded selves. I shoot with top-end gear that is very responsive: the flashes recycle very quickly and the lighting is smooth and flattering. This kind of shoot is as well lit and arranged as a lot of my work inside my advertising/editorial photography studio on the East Coast…

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