Hilo Medical Center

When Your People Matter

Hilo Medical Center watches over Hilo is so many ways. A ways above town up Waianuenue Avenue the hospital saves lives, offers thoughtful care, and fights shrinking budgets with energy and commitment on the part of a professional staff that keeps the hospital an effective and critical support institution for the Big Island’s most diverse and spread-out population. I met terrific people in every part of the hospital I visited with Elena Cabatu, the head of Hilo Medical Center Public Relations. Young Hilo photographer Samuel Miller was a thoughtful and creative assistant on this shoot, as we were constantly on the move. The group shot of one department came together in a few minutes… a few minutes with studio strobes to be deployed and people to arrange. We moved a binder carousel, placed a couple of stools in the back to lift people into view, all with the least possible disruption to medical services delivery.

The Executive Committee at the time of the shoot was set up in a conference room in the hospital. We knew we’d need to use the image as a long horizontal. I wanted to show a close working relationship between these effective doctors. Real people, real professionals – together on a mission. I hope I can help this place again in the future. Thank you, Elena.

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