Cowboys and Cupcakes!

I like page design and I love the wide range of typographic choice we have today. I won’t put designers out of business but if you are hiring me to do a photography-centric project but a few of the campaign elements have to be printed through traditional lithography or digital printing, I can build a solution to that print part of the work, too.

One of our local hospitals had an event coming up which Board President Mardi Carbone had titled, “Cowboys and Cupcakes”. For this poster I came up with the visual concept, acted as Art Director working with Ms. Carbone, gathered props and, of course, photographed the still life. Special thanks to Waimea resident and well-known Big Island horsewoman Gail Rice who loaned me her green cowgirl boots and long-time rodeo participant and supporter Sonny Miranda, my neighbor, for the borrow of the roping rig lower left corner. The surface was a decaying (perfect!) palette that was built to have a solid deck. Stained that old wood for the shot. One light over the set, a bunch of special-purpose reflectors around the perimeter, and one flag made out of window screening boomed out into the set to knock down a hot spot.

Taken with a Canon full-frame body at ISO200 f18 with Canon 45mm TSE Tilt-and-Shift lens that allows corrections of the sort we’d do all the time on 4×5 cameras with bellows.

Ms. Carbone had the cupcakes made for the purpose- thank you! The cupcakes had so much extra frosting we couldn’t have predicted they’d keep falling over! Cupcake first aid immediately needed. Olive oil on a super-soft make-up brush did pretty well as a surface repair. I blamed little earthquakes. (Yeah, right.) Those cupcakes were lifted up on small black-painted cubes (which, of course, could not show.)

I did work like this all the time in my advertising studio back on the east coast. Look under the category “Studio” here on this site. I will be uploading more examples. For fun after the poster I added a sparkle, which I wish we’d added before the poster was made.

Beautifully-lit still life assignments are great fun. I hope another client comes along who needs this skill.