Bikes! Backfire#72

Backfire: In the warm months Seattle riders gather on the third Wednesday on their cafe racers, bobbers, scramblers, creatively customized bikes and, just…plain bikes. They cruise in to share with others the very individual rides that make the varied landscape of this part of the biker world. Around the edges of a few blocks of a southern Ballard neighborhood everyone just parks back against the curb, hangs their helmet on the handlebars, and wanders. Tucked closely together are thumpers, twins, fours, and an occasional six. British, European, American, and Japanese. (The bikes. The people come from even more places.)

Here’s all the selected shots from Backfire#72. I’ll add Backfire#70 images soon. I missed #71.

When I watch the bikes dart or roll into the gathering, I miss riding. I like to see the up-to-date versions of my MotoGuzzi. I owned a bunch of bikes but my favorite was my last: I put a lot of miles on the MotoGuzzi 1000SP.


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