Alex’s Bar Mitzvah

Alex’s family was extremely happy with pictures of this solemn AND celebratory passage. You can see in the photos how self-assured this young man can be. Multiple generations and close family friends gathered to welcome him to adulthood in his faith. I was honored to participate as a chronicler.

We agreed on no use of flash during the service, partly because Alex’s father is a well-known US film-maker and he had fielded a team to capture the event on video. This event goes back a ways and all cameras are better in low light now.  That said, the images are in a style I still like to shoot for an event: stay quiet, watch carefully, anticipate, take risks to get emotion into the images.

You want me to read and include context and emotions in my pictures.

I would like to shoot a wedding in this style as appropriate – unobtrusive most of the time. I do feel comfortable arranging group photos, and I can use any lighting rig necessary for darker venues. For wedding receptions, unlike this very family-oriented gathering and shared meal, the wedding party celebration is often has a velocity and unpredictability (fun!) calling for pre-installed radio-synchronized flash lighting of my own. Something to discuss with a wedding client.

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