One Dog Night ™ #15

I continue to carry the Canon full frame body into the neighborhood at night more often. I swapped the Sigma 35mm for the Canon 35mm f1.4. I added Canon’s 85mm f1.4 prime to shoot in these dark conditions. Here are images from the past several days. I’ve been looking closely at images that reach back a ways through this personal project. Mixed light seems to draw my eye. Mixed light seems to stop me. Click inside the image(s) to advance in the set.

Strange Air

Smoke from British Colombia’s forest fires – way north of us – has blanketed Puget Sound. Here’s sunset tonight from West Seattle’s northernmost high bluff. Ferries pass in the smoke.

Liner Notes

I’m tellin’ ya, Doc, I’m seein’ lines all over the place. Doc, Doc, what’s wrong with me?

Just one shot today

I went down to Waimea town for an errand and to shoot a bit… could not “get going”. Town seemed deserted. Just took one shot. Two frames, with and without the walking couple. This one was better. X-Pro-1, 35mm f1.4, 1/4000 at f1.4 (wide open to help separate the cart from its surroundings.) ISO 400

Color depends on its lineage

What does that mean?! JPEG above, raw below. Fuji X Pro-1, 35mm f1.4 lens, ISO 200 (base sensitivity of the sensor) f5.6 Well, these two images are from the same “capture” or press of the shutter button and neither file was touched after they were 1. a 1/950 of a second glimpse by the sensor, 2. a stream of 1’s and 0’s created from tiny pulses of current in 16 million also-tiny buckets on the sensor. (This is the raw” file because it’s unrecognizable as an image. It’s the elemental form, not yet an image) 3. sent through a chip in […]

Hilo Walkabout

Not too many people out and about bayside. Everybody at the mall? Hilo wore muted colors with splashes of bright accent color today. Just able to shoot for about 45 minutes.