For template maker PixelGrade: Here are samples of the screens of *this* installation of LENS — but as seen in mobile: Chrome browser on Android 5.0 – device is a big screen Samsung Note 3. I still see yellow panels in “Projects” and “Galleries” instead of blue (chosen key color) and the label text inside the colored panel is not white. It takes on the same color as the plain h1 in the sidebar menu (a light grey). And there is NO LOGO! This last part is very bad for me – no brand to say whose photos the visitor is viewing. I looked at this on an iPhone 6. Same problem colors.

Also, please notice that if the visitor rotates the phone to horizontal to see bigger pictures, the address bar does not disappear, which forces too much of the picture down below the bottom edge. on the iPhone the address bar DOES disappear, which makes more of the photo visible.

This a follow up to Ticket #27006 in April 2016. I am using the most recent version of the template and WordPress 4.whatever.

At Alex’s suggestion, I tried inserting the following CSS snippet in the Appearance Customify interface:

.touch .mosaic__item–page-title .image__item-meta, .touch .mosaic__item–page-title-mobile .image__item-meta {

    background-color: rgba(46, 126, 194, 0.8);


This didn’t change the color back.
Turning the phone horizontal when in Projects and Galleries makes the site unusable. I think people would try that – to see larger images.

Still no logo there to tell them where to go to see more images or to see them in better browser conditions like a desktop.

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