Sad to Sell this Lens

I’m about to post this Canon 100mm f2.8 lens on CraigsList so someone else can enjoy it. I don’t use it enough, but it’s fun when I pick it up and explore. Or show that unique detail at a wedding. I found a few examples. I’ll shoot these images on Fuji when needed going forward.

Mushrooms discovered at dusk in my yard so in dying light cranked a Canon 5DMark3 up to ISO 12800 and got away with 1/25 shutter at f32. I was lying down with elbows braced against the camera body strap. The bird skeleton and dried ironwood needles image was taken with my 1DsMark3 at ISO 100 on a tripod for 1/6 second at f9. The close up was cropped out of an different image that was just f5.6. This lens is sharp. The rings were hand-held near sunset at 1/80 at f10.

There’s so little depth-of-field — even -stopped-down – when shooting that close.

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