Elizabeth Esther’s here!

Elizabeth Esther was born this morning. I stopped by my friend Nancy’s 5th grade classroom to help out today and learned that her granddaughter Elizabeth arrived on the planet a wee bit early. Amazing! So went by the hospital after 5th grade duties and saw this new sweet new life. I held her, too.

In ten years she’ll be in fifth grade. Will I still be helping in a 5th grade somewhere?

Comments (3)

  1. jonathan7007

    The high point of the month – at least… I was so excited that I got to see you all. The timing was perfect! I had not seen your son since he was about the same size.

  2. Maegan

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. We are so excited to have Elizabeth home and you have given us the memories of those first few moments.

  3. judy folk

    Terrific photography and a life long enjoyment of the new and future growing of Esther and the family. love