Kimo – will be missed

Went to Kimo’s Memorial Service today at St. James. He will be missed by many of us. Here’s Kimo. (Open the post for a pic…)

Kimo 10/6/2010
Kimo 10/6/2010

He liked this picture, the result of a reflexive, rushed, rise of my little NEX5 to my eye as we walked toward each other. Thankfully the AF, usually balky in that rig, worked – or lucky catch. The 16mm Sony pancake @f2.8, 1/2000 sec.

Kimo was caring, smart, saw the world differently than some and for that reason (and others) was a great friend to talk to. You made time when you ran into him. Expressive eyes. Knew a lot about photography, too.

I think I should fully adopt Kimo’s defacto motto, uttered after some good talk story time, “Gotta keep moving…”

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