No depth at dusk, brah

Brother-in-law, dusk, pretty dark dusk. This from about seven frames with the fast Fujinon 56mm f1.2 lens on Fuji ASP-C body. On the Fuji bodies this 56mm lens shows me the field of view of a lens made as an 85mm for full-frame camera sensors. So photographers say the 56mm is an 85mm equivalent.

The very wide aperture means razor-thin depth of field, in this case sharpness reaching barely from one end of his right eye to the other. About half of that eye is in perfect focus. So this 56 lens is a “portrait monster”, especially in low light. That’s what we got here, brah.

1/40th sec at f1.2, ISO 400


Press that shutter button smoothly at 1/40th…

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