A Staunton Night

Sometimes I can’t stop.

Good music or stimulating events “start me up” and once started I *have* to keep taking pictures. Here’s a Memorial Day concert a little while back in Staunton, VA, where my daughter went to college – fun to photograph people, the band,  and I was way too jazzed to stop and go back to sit, stop. Darker and darker as night finally fell, but Staunton is a great town for mysterious architecture, evocative street scenes. Brick, wood and imposing stonework buildings, cobblestone streets. Contrasts.

So when the concert was over my “eye” was not. Its curiosity would not be denied so I followed it around Staunton until way after dark.

Pronounce it “Staaanton”, not “Stawnton”. (I don’t know why.) As a noted and consistent central Virginia mercantile center and then county seat for over 270 years the 24,000 people who call Staunton home have rich history, an Amtrak station, a couple of colleges, Shakespeare revival theater and related graduate school devoted to the Bard, a world-class camera museum, the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace foundation, house and commercial architecture of every type and scale, parks, country music, green hills and Shenandoah Valley farmland. Great ribs and sausage in the stores (important.)

And great, great, people.

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