Hello world!

New template for my web site. Exciting and a lot of work. I hope you will comment on layout and navigation. Comment good or bad, but please let me know.


This is the “LENS” template from PixelGrade. PixelGrade is a hard-working small software company from Romania, which is cool! Go to pixelgrade.com and start hitting your right arrow on your keyboard or scroll right on their fun and different landing page. Check out their templates (maybe 12?) of varying layout and intent, at www.pixelgrade.com and as merchandised on the www.themeforest.com marketplace. They populate their templates with great shots for demonstration purposes. Call me up to do some work like that, especially the motorcycle stuff. (I used to ride my various bikes a lot. Miss it!)

PixelGrade supports their customers well, and they were patient with my many requests for CSS code snippets that would change some small part of your experience looking at my work. Thank you, PixelGrade! Support like this is rare. This is my second template, very different suppliers…


And, hey, other photographers in Hawaii: No LENS template for you. It’s mine.