One Dog Night ™ #15

I continue to carry the Canon full frame body into the neighborhood at night more often. I swapped the Sigma 35mm for the Canon 35mm f1.4. I added Canon’s 85mm f1.4 prime to shoot in these dark conditions. Here are images from the past several days. I’ve been looking closely at images that reach back a ways through this personal project. Mixed light seems to draw my eye. Mixed light seems to stop me. Click inside the image(s) to advance in the set.

Post Rain Post

Tonight’s pix. Rain earlier left cool wet air and bright colors under the bigger streetlights on California Ave. Some of these are on my street, though… low, low light.

One Dog Night ™ #10

Why “Number Ten”? I must have nine other neighborhood nightscape sets – all part of the year+ long “One Dog Night” project – that I’ll want to edit to share here on my blog. All those nine shot before this post. These are just last night 7/27/2018. Different camera, same field of view as much of the work I do on the Fujis: 35mm prime – here on a Canon 5D Mark 4.