Wailani (“Beautiful water”) is a well-designed house steps from the sand of Wailea Bay on the West coast of Hawaii Island. I have photographed the house twice. The second session was more than one day as the redesigned interior required a lot of new images to make clear to potential visitors the impact of the owners’ investment in art and new fabrics. However, there are a few shots from the first session because they illustrate how I work.

Using the lenses of architectural photography to show how we experience spaces can be a challenge. In one case the hallway display of a painting lent its photograph a foreground distortion I corrected in Photoshop. I knew I could make it appear more as visitors would see it in person. The visual language of photography in these situations has to “make sense” even while sometimes being visually “mannered” as a language.

Props and staging for vacation rental photography adds time (expense) to a shoot. It also makes it more appealing to prospects, who wonder, “Will we love staying there?” Each client decides how valuable this added communication will be but clients face added competition of an ever-improving promotional level in vacation rentals. Island visitors look at so many houses suitable for their stay — how will yours “stand out”?

Photography not the only factor but the one that will result in inquiries and one promotional element that makes the inquiries well-qualified.

…and I love photographing beautiful architecture and design.

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