Neighborhood Nightscapes

If the dog will let me I will carry this further: an ongoing project to document night scenery in my neighborhood where the dog and I go for a last stroll at night in Seattle. No surprise, he tugs at the leash just at the moment when I am trying to squeeze off a shot at something like 1/5th of a second or other crazy long exposure. Even 1/20th is a stretch with a leash on your wrist.

The Fuji sensors in several of my cameras are doing a great job even with high ISO settings like ISO6400.

Buildings and bushes that are ordinary during daylight hours seems so emotionally haunting at night. Streetlights are my friends.

The best time to walk and shoot is while there’s blue dusk light in the sky or shafts of final orange sunlight. …more images as this plays out. Please offer your reactions if you stop by.

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