Backfire #70.

Thank you, friends, who told of this gathering of the tribe every third Wednesday in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. What a treat! History lesson, memory lane, and what’s happening NOW in one informal mash-up. This tribe feeling is one thing I miss about riding.

Hawaii has a lot of groups (tribes for my anaology) who joke about each other, believe silly myths about each other, intermarry, complain, and, thankfully love each other too. Or at least put up with one another… anyway, bikers are a little bit like that. As it was written: the scooter shall park with the Moto Guzzi, and the world will be good. Ride in with leathers or blue jeans. All OK on an evening like this.

My motorcycle riding/ownership included only four bikes. The first was a used Moto Parilla 250 scrambler in 1967. I bet there isn’t even a Wikipedia mention of this long-out-of-business marque. And “marque” may be a marketing scheme too far for the scrappy little Italian manufacturer. Honda 400 Super Sport (blue tank) in 1976 (wish I still had that) and a Suzuki 1100 -exciting for big sweepers and finally my beloved 1979 Moto Guzzi 1000SP, quirky and agile. Long miles on that bike. Good road trips.

Not riding now, but I am meeting very interesting motorcycle people who are committed to the sport, smart, enthusiasts and really fun to be with.

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